The allure of travel, the anticipation of new adventures – it's a feeling we at Pinksalt Swimwear understand well. As you plan your next getaway, we're here to ensure you pack not only your sense of wanderlust but also your favourite Pinksalt swimwear in style. We'll share some packing tips to make sure your swimwear is ready for every sun-soaked destination, ensuring you look and feel fabulous throughout your journey.

1. Selecting versatile pieces 

The key to efficient packing starts with versatile swimwear pieces. Consider selecting multi-functional items like reversible bikinis or one-piece swimsuits that can double as stylish bodysuits. Pinksalt Swimwear's timeless designs are crafted with this versatility in mind, ensuring you get the most out of your swimwear during your travels.

2. Organising with travel pouches

Keep your swimwear organised and easily accessible by using travel pouches or swimwear bags. Not only do they prevent your swimwear from mingling with the rest of your luggage, but they also come in handy for storing wet swimwear after a day at the beach or pool. We are currently offering a swimwear bag for free with all swimwear purchases from the Hinterland collection.

3. Maximizing mix-and-match potential

Optimise your wardrobe by selecting swimwear pieces that can be mixed and matched. With Pinksalt Swimwear's bikini separates, you can create multiple stylish combinations with just a few pieces, allowing you to pack light while still having a variety of looks for different occasions.

4. Choosing quick-drying fabrics

Efficiency is key when you're on the go. Choose swimwear crafted from quick-drying fabrics to ensure your favourite pieces are ready for wear after a spontaneous dip in the ocean or an impromptu pool session. Pinksalt Swimwear's commitment to quality extends to materials that prioritise both comfort and functionality.

5. Accessorising for day-to-night transitions

Elevate your swimwear ensemble for an evening out by packing a few key accessories. A stylish sarong, wide-brimmed hat, or a statement pair of sunglasses can effortlessly transition your swimwear from day to night, allowing you to explore local attractions or dine by the beach in style.

6. Caring for your swimwear 

Extend the life of your Pinksatl swimwear by following a few care tips during your travels. Rinse your swimwear in fresh water after each use to remove salt or chlorine, and avoid wringing or twisting to maintain its shape. Pack a travel-sized fabric wash for quick cleaning, ensuring your swimwear remains as vibrant and beautiful as the destinations you're exploring.

With these packing tips, your Pinksalt swimwear is ready to accompany you on every adventure, adding a touch of style to your travel experience. As you jet off to sunnier shores or relax by the pool, let your swimwear be a reflection of your fashion-forward spirit. Travel in style, and don't forget to share your stunning moments with us – tag #pinksalttribe on Instagram to join the community of wanderlust-filled Pinksalt enthusiasts around the globe. 

December 07, 2023 — Alexandra Lenehan

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