The beach is a canvas of sun-kissed sands and azure waves, and each one of us, a masterpiece, deserves to be celebrated. Pinksalt Swimwear believes in the power of body positivity and the art of capturing your beauty, confidence, and radiance on the shores. We're going to dive into the world of beach photography, exploring tips and tricks to help you embrace and flaunt your features with the utmost confidence.

woman wearing bikini at the beach posing

The beauty of body positivity

At Pinksalt Swimwear, we understand that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and colours. Our swimwear is designed not just to adorn your body but to empower you, allowing you to radiate confidence from within. Body positivity is at the core of our brand ethos, and what better way to celebrate this than through the lens of beach photography?

woman at the beach wearing a brown one piece swimsuit from Pinksalt Swimwear


Choosing the Right Swimwear

Before stepping in front of the camera, it's essential to choose swimwear that makes you feel fabulous. Pinksalt offers a diverse range of styles catering to various body shapes, ensuring you find the perfect fit. Whether it's a bikini that accentuates your curves or a one-piece that elegantly complements your silhouette, selecting swimwear that aligns with your style is the first step to a body-positive beach photoshoot. And if you're unsure of which swimsuit is right for you, try our fit quiz today!

woman at the beach wearing black bikini set from pinksalt Swimwear


Embrace Natural Lighting

Beach photography thrives on natural light. When planning your photoshoot, aim for the golden hours – sunrise and sunset. The soft, warm hues of natural light can beautifully illuminate your features, casting a flattering glow. Stand by the water's edge, let the sun caress your skin, and allow your confidence to shine.

woman laying on beach at sunrise



Strike a Pose: Accentuate Your Best Features

Posing is an art, and the beach is your canvas. Embrace your favourite features by highlighting them in your poses. For an hourglass figure, consider poses that emphasize your curves – a slight twist of the torso can work wonders. Confidence is your best accessory; stand tall, elongate your neck, and let your radiance take centre stage.

woman taking image in brown one piece swimsuit from Pinksalt Swimwear


Capture Movement and Joy

Beach photography isn't just about static poses; it's about capturing the dynamic energy of the ocean and the joy of being in the moment. Let the wind play with your hair, allow the waves to kiss your feet, and capture the essence of movement. Pinksalt Swimwear is designed to move with you, allowing you to express your authentic self in every shot.

woman at the beach on sunrise taking images in her black one piece swimsuit from Pinksalt Swimwear


Include Props and Accessories

Enhance your beach photoshoot by incorporating props and accessories. A wide-brimmed hat, a flowing sarong, or a statement pair of sunglasses can add an extra touch of glamour. Experiment with different accessories to find what complements your style and makes you feel fabulous.

woman at the beach in black bikini, white shirt and straw hat


Editing with Care: Enhance, Don't Alter

While a touch of editing can enhance your photos, it's crucial to prioritize authenticity. Pinksalt believes in celebrating real beauty, so when editing, focus on enhancing colours, contrast, and brightness rather than altering your natural features. Embrace the beauty of your imperfections – they tell a story that deserves to be told.

woman at the beach wearing a lilac coloured bikini set from Pinksalt Swimwear


A body-positive beach photoshoot is not just about capturing images; it's a celebration of you – your strength, your beauty, and your unique story. Pinksalt Swimwear is honoured to be a part of this celebration, providing swimwear that empowers you to shine. So, next time you hit the beach, remember these tips, embrace your features, and let your confidence be the focal point of every photograph. You are a work of art, and it's time to flaunt your features with pride.

December 12, 2023 — Alexandra Lenehan

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