meet the founder

meet alexandra lenehan, founder of pinksalt swimwear

Meet Alexandra Lenehan, founder of Pinksalt Swimwear

I went through most of my teen years and early 20’s struggling to find well-fitting swimwear that made me feel  confident and comfortable at the beach. Sound familiar?

In 2019 I set out on a mission to create a swimwear brand that would not only look luxurious and timeless, but empower our inner goddesses. To do this, I focus on impeccable fit and long-lasting durability for hours of comfort. 

I care about this community of women who are on a journey of self-love and confidence. I believe that journey starts within us and that through a community of uplifting women, we can all be confident in their own skin, always.

about the brand

about pinksalt

Pinksalt Swimwear is investedin helping beach-loving women to embrace their inner beauty and confidence withswimwear that fits and flatters every body. We are here to provide the mostluxurious looking (and feeling) pieces that can be worn time and time againwith comfort and confidence. We believe that all women, no matter their shapeor size, are worthy of feeling fabulous in their swimwear. 

I love spending hours laying in the sun reading a book or lounging withfriends. And what's worse than having to adjust your bathing suit every twominutes? Swimwear that fits comfortably lets you focus on spending time withyour girlfriends.

Pinksalt was actually born through those experiences. And the name wasinspired by the beauty of the beach—specifically that place where the softbeige sand meets the vast salty sea.


Nobody likes a bathing suit that chafes. That’s why our products are manufactured with only the highest quality materials. We take pride in ensuring each swimsuit has the most comfortable fit so that you can spend hours on a salty beach and stay comfortable.


We want our swim wear to help women claim their fierce femininity, instead of feeling self-conscious. We love all bodies, no matter their size and shape, and we want you to feel that love when you wear our swimwear. 


The people who make our swimwear matter. We make sure that the workers manufacturing our swimwear are working in a safe environment and are paid fairly for their time. So when you buy from us, you’re investing in yourself and in sustainable fashion.


Having a swimsuit that makes you feel good shouldn’t be hard to get. It shouldn’t be hard to find a size that fits, materials that are comfortable, or a price point that doesn’t require selling a kidney. We are conscious in our pricing and sizing to ensure that most women will be able to own and enjoy our beautiful pieces.