What will the future of swimwear look like? While some people may prefer to visit brick-and-mortar stores, others will continue to shop online in increasing numbers as technology becomes more seamless and affordable. However, regardless of how you choose to shop, what we can expect to see in the future of women's swimwear is produced with more innovative fabrics, more inclusive fashion that makes women feel good about their bodies, and more options that appeal to varying needs and preferences. Read as we break down these trends and more, so you know what to expect from your swimwear choices in the future!

The biggest trends this season

This season, we're seeing three major trends in the swimwear industry

1) Quality swimwear

2) Eco-friendly fabrics

3) Body confidence

People want their swimsuits to be of high quality, something they can wear with pride and not feel ashamed of themselves. They want to embrace all shapes and sizes and feel confident when they take off their clothes on a beach or poolside. People are also becoming increasingly aware of the environment, exploring more 'eco-friendly' options. 

Patterns are where it's at

It’s hard to tell what exactly is popular from year to year, but we predict that we'll be seeing more and more patterns in the swimwear industry.

Why? Because patterns are fun and playful, which may attract someone who wouldn’t normally choose to wear a swimsuit design.

But are swimwear patterns just a short-term trend or will they stick around into the future? Time will tell!

Outerwear trends are key!

Outerwear trends, like transparent fabric and go-to accessories, will dominate women's swim. Transparent fashion highlights inner self-confidence and body love. 'Women want to be able to swim in their attire with confidence', says Habiba Hightower, founder of ethically conscious designer label SHE'SSEXY.

We mean, who doesn't enjoy dressing up their beach or poolside outfit with some accessories? 

Why you should invest in one-piece swimsuits 

As fashion trends come and go, one-piece swimsuits have stayed a popular style. But it's not just because they look great. One-piece swimsuits are known to increase women's body confidence and make them feel beautiful, even if their skin is showing or their curves aren't perfect. 

In an industry where sales may be dwindling because of ever-changing trends and new competition from budget retailers, investing in quality swimwear that offers a boost of self-confidence is important to us, and we’re sure it's important to you too. 

Choosing swimwear that makes you feel good

Whether it’s micro bikinis, or full coverage one pieces, the thing that will never change in the swimwear industry is that people want to wear a swimsuit that makes them feel amazing. That’s why we offer a range of bikinis and one-piece swimsuits that not only look great on your body, but they make you feel like a confident queen.

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