As the vibrant city of Perth awakens from its winter slumber, it's time to embrace the beauty of spring and the warmth of summer. One of the best ways to soak up the sunshine and immerse yourself in the local culture is by visiting the lively markets that dot this coastal city. From handmade crafts to delectable treats, Perth's markets offer a diverse range of treasures waiting to be discovered. In this guide, we'll take you on a tour of some of the best spring and summer markets in Perth, including some key dates to mark on your calendar and where you can find Pinksalt Swimwear market stalls this spring and summer.

RAG Fashion Pop-up Market

Kicking off the season on October 7th is the RAG Pop-up Market being held at Perth Town Hall. Located in the heart of Perth, this market is a haven for those who appreciate unique, handcrafted goods, up-and-coming fashion labels, pre-loved designer items and more. Stroll through stalls adorned with jewellery, art, clothing, and more, all created by talented local artisans. You will find Pinksalt Swimwear selling luxury one-piece swimsuits, bikini tops and bikini bottoms at RAG. Whether you're searching for a one-of-a-kind gift or a special treat for yourself, RAG Pop-up Market is the place to be.

When: October 7

Where: Perth Town Hall

Time: 10 am - 3 pm

Peppermint Grove Beach Holiday Park Market

If you're looking for a coastal escape, mark your calendar for October 14th and head down to Peppermint Grove Beach Holiday Park Market which is a short 2-hour drive from the heart of Perth City. Nestled along the stunning shores of Geographe Bay, this market offers a relaxing atmosphere and a delightful array of products. From fresh produce to handmade crafts, it's the perfect opportunity to savour the coastal charm of Western Australia and come check out Pinksalt Swimwear's collection.

When: October 14

Where:  Peppermint Grove Beach Holiday Park

Time: 3 pm - 6 pm 

Launch into Spring Markets 

On October 15th, Fremantle comes alive with the "Launch into Spring Markets." Fremantle is known for its vibrant arts and culture scene, and this event is no exception. Immerse yourself in the lively ambience as you explore stalls featuring local art, fashion, food, and more, including Pinksalt Swimwear. It's an excellent opportunity to enjoy the coastal breeze while indulging in the creativity of the local community.

When: October 15

Where: Swan Yacht Club, Fremantle 

Time: 11 am - 4 pm 

Markets by the Sea 

As the season progresses, you won't want to miss the charming "Markets by the Sea." Pinksalt Swimwear will be attending this market on Sunday, November 12th and Sunday, December 10th, these markets offer a seaside experience like no other. Located along the stunning coastline of Perth, you can browse through stalls showcasing handmade crafts, gourmet treats, and unique gifts. The sound of waves crashing in the background makes for an unforgettable shopping experience.

When: November 12th & December 10th

Where: North Shore Community Hub, Kallaroo (19 Henderson Drive)

Time: 10 am - 3 pm 

With these exciting spring and summer markets on the horizon, Perth promises an unforgettable season filled with culture, creativity, and community. Whether you're seeking handcrafted treasures, delicious local cuisine, or simply a leisurely day out, these markets have something for everyone. Don't forget to mark your calendar for these upcoming Perth markets, the perfect opportunity to explore unique offerings and, perhaps, discover your new favourite swimwear from Pinksalt Swimwear. So, grab your sunhat, put on some sunscreen, and get ready to soak up the vibrant atmosphere of Perth's seasonal markets.

October 02, 2023 — Alexandra Lenehan

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