In a world often marked by the frenzy of Black Friday sales and rapid fashion cycles, Pinksalt Swimwear has taken a different path. This year, we made a conscious decision to skip the traditional Black Friday sales event. In this blog post, we invite you to explore the philosophy behind our choice, delving into the principles of slow fashion that guide our brand on a journey of mindful creation and sustainability.

Understanding slow fashion 

At Pinksalt Swimwear, we embrace the essence of slow fashion. Unlike the fast-paced nature of the industry, slow fashion is a commitment to quality, sustainability, and ethical practices. It's a philosophy that aligns with our values of inclusivity, empowerment, and creating garments that transcend fleeting trends.

Our commitment to ethical production

One of the primary reasons we chose not to participate in Black Friday sales is our unwavering commitment to ethical production. In the race for discounts and promotions, corners are often cut in the production process. At Pinksalt Swimwear, every piece is crafted with care, ensuring fair wages, safe working conditions, and environmentally friendly practices.

image of our production factory worker making garments

Quality over quantity 

In the world of slow fashion, quality takes precedence over quantity. Rather than pushing for mass production to meet the demands of a sales event, we focus on creating pieces that stand the test of time. Our swimwear is an investment in enduring style, designed to be cherished for seasons to come.

image of two models wearing our swimsuits

Embracing inclusivity 

We believe that principles of slow fashion are inherently linked to inclusivity. By avoiding rapid trends, we create pieces that cater to a diverse range of body types and personal styles. Our swimwear is a celebration of individuality, empowering every woman to feel confident and beautiful.

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The impact on sustainability

Black Friday sales often contribute to the culture of overconsumption, leading to environmental strain and waste. By refraining from participating in this event, Pinksalt Swimwear aligns with a more sustainable approach. We believe in responsible consumption and a commitment to reducing our ecological footprint.

Looking forward 

As Pinksalt Swimwear takes a pause from the Black Friday rush, we look forward to a future where slow fashion is not just a choice but a norm. We are excited to continue our journey, creating swimwear that embodies timeless elegance, ethical production, and a celebration of diverse beauty. Thank you for joining us on this path toward a more sustainable and mindful fashion industry.

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swimwear design process

While the allure of Black Friday sales is undeniable, Pinksalt Swimwear remains steadfast in our commitment to slow fashion. By prioritising quality, ethical production, and sustainability, we hope to inspire a shift toward a more conscious and inclusive fashion landscape. As you choose your swimwear, know that each piece tells a story of mindful creation and enduring style – a testament to our brand's journey in the realm of slow fashion.

November 30, 2023 — Alexandra Lenehan

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