There is so much societal pressure around how we are 'supposed' to look. 


"Curves are in ... now curves are out"

"Slim is sexy ... nope, put some weight on."

"Women shouldn't lift weights because they make you bulky."

Don't even get us started on what society says about being, what they consider to be, overweight.

As summer rolls around for us here in Australia, the one thing that does stay consistent is the way the "message of the day" can make you feel - that how you are currently, is not enough. 

We disagree. And it's time we all realised a couple of things: 

  1. The only standard you need to be aiming for is that which you create for yourself. 
  2. Your self worth is not dictated by someone else's opinion on what is considered 'aesthetically pleasing' ... actually, your self worth is not dictated by your aesthetics at all! 

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘diets don't work, love does’? 

It may sound like a total load of BS to you, but let’s break it down. Are you one of those people who every year sets a New Years resolution to, ‘lose weight’ or ‘go to the gym 5 times a week’ or ‘quit sugar and takeaway’?

I was like that too once upon a time. And let me tell you, it never worked. 

Did you know that we make better choices when we come from a place of love and compassion, rather than a place of fear or hate? 

Well, the same principle applies to your body. If you love your body and connect a positive emotion to your body, then your mind will subconsciously make better choices for you. 

And the same goes for the opposite. If you connect some type of negative emotion to your body or you only focus on the parts you don’t like about your body, then you are more likely going to make bad choices.

Let me explain this a bit more. 

Let’s say for instance you are setting some new goals for 2021, and one of those goals is ‘I want to lose 10kg this year’. What you’re really saying is, ‘when I look in the mirror, I hate what I see and I want to change it’. Does this sound like a positive emotion to you? No. 

What if, instead of wanting to lose 10kg this year, your new goal for 2021 is to write down each day, something you love about yourself. Go on, write something right now. How did it make you feel? 

Perhaps writing it down only once didn’t actually make you feel any different. But I promise you guys, if you do this everyday for the rest of the year, you won’t even remember that you wanted to lose 10kg this year. 

But what you will remember, is how loving yourself each day made you feel - like the empowered and beautiful woman you are!

So ditch the diet this year. Don’t focus your energy on trying to lose a part of yourself (even if it is weight). 

Focus your energy on the amazing things your body can do for you. We are so blessed to have these bodies that function each and everyday, allowing us to walk, talk, see, hear and taste. How cool is that! 

So show your body some love this year and trust me when I say ‘diets don’t work, love does’.


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